LECUDYTE – For leucorrhoea/White Discharge


Product Name : LECUDYTE (300 GM)


Leucorrhoea’ refers to whitish discharge from female genitals is caused by the presence of infections. Patients feels weak and tired. Herbaldiets health building formula LECUDYTE is designed to remove the toxicity which is primarily responsible for the disease. LECUDYTE is a wonderful combination to build health, clearing toxicity, removes infections and ensures freshness. Dark circles under eyes are improved. Weakness and Lethargic is covered.
Weight: 300 GM
Ideal for: Female
Uses Age: Above 18 year age.
Doses: 10 gms of LECUDYTE can be taken twice a day with cold milk.

Detail Of Product LECUDYTE (300 GM)

» Leucorrhoea refers to a whitish discharge from the female genitals. If not treated properly in the initial stages, it may become chronic.
» Leucorrhoea does not develop suddenly, it denotes toxic conditions of the system and involves reproductive organs.
» When eliminative organs unable to eliminate the toxins, body produces a profuse discharge in the form of leucorrhoea.
» Sometimes it leads to a discharge with pus, offensive in odour and colors.
» In young girls, leucorrhoea may occur during the few years before and after the start of menstrual flow.
» In mature women, yellowish discharge, associated with burning on urination.
» Leucorrhoea may also result from a chill.
» Herbaldiet has desgined Lecudyte as a total health building formulation with systematic removal of toxins, health building supplement along with herbal formulations helpful during Leucorrhoea for healthy health

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