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LIVOLIFE – Tonic For all liver Related Problems, Protection, Digestive System And Appetite (Sugar Free)


Product Name : LIVOLIFE


70% of health problems can be resolved if liver, the most important organ of the body is perfect. livolife is the best tonic for liver in our Country. It resolved and simplify all liver related problems like digestion, appetite, Jaundice, Acidity, Hurt burn, and Absorption of diet.

Heabaldiets special tonic for digestive tract & liver protection. Livolife helps in digestion, hunger, acidity, heartburn, bowls clearance and jaundice. It also helps for better absorption of diet.
Weight : 250 ML

For Children

Use: For Appetite & Digestion
Dosage: 3 ml thrice a day

For Male

Use: For Appetite & Digestion
Dosage: 5 ml thrice a day

For Female

Use: For Appetite & Digestion
Dosage: 5 ml thrice a day

Detail Of Product LIVOLIFE

» HERBALDIETS LIVOLIFE (Sugar Free) and complete tonic of stomach and liver protection.
» Liver is the largest and most important detoxification organ more than 500 functions have been attributed to liver.
» Liver also store energy in the form of glycogen and also decomposes red blood cells.
» Most of the nutrients use by the body are processed by the liver.
» Liver disorders are related to alcohol consumption, viral hepatitis, excessive use of medication for all these problems LIVOLIFE is the best liver protecting tonic.
» LIVOLIFE protects from liver psoriasis also act as anti cancer (liver cancer)
» This tonic is helpful in diabetes, heart and weight management problem.
» Works on constipation and digestive system to improve appetite and absorption of diet.
» Very good tonic for bowls clearance.

Important Notes

» Shake well before use.
» Store in a cool and dry place.
» LIVOLIFE is a suger free good for diabetic and obese people.